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    Grand Re-Opening


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    Nutrients, Nutrients, Nutrients
    We have spent years testing and tinkering with various nutrients and supplements in search of outstanding harvests. We have found that you can achieve the biggest yields and the highest quality when proper science is applied. Let us show you the secrets to growing green, growing big and growing better. Come grow with us!
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    Think Ahead, Stay Ahead
    Even in a controlled environment there can still be a problem with deficiencies. Fortunately there are ways to overcome these deficiencies with the proper use of certain products. Here you will find information to help prevent deficiencies and for more ideas you can contact one of our helpful staff members.
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    Shopping Made Simple
    For your convenience, we have added an online shopping facility to complement our retail business. Now you can place your order online and we are happy to ship it to you or simply set it aside for you to come in and pick it up. Whether you shop in our store or online, you are guaranteed the same great price.
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Welcome to "Goldman's Grow Shop" Online

Let us first say "We are a different kind of Hydroponics Store". Specializing in the worlds best gardening supplies, we aim to take the gardening world to the next level. We saw the need to open a comprehensive store built by gardeners for gardeners. With many years of industry experience, we pride ourselves with having outstanding customer service, knowledgeable staff and unbeatable prices. 

We will continue to work hard to find the best products on the market.  If you can purchase an item in our store it is available for the simple fact that it is top notch.  We want to ensure that our customers use our products correctly, so if you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to ask or call. 

We're Not Just Another "Online Store!"

Go to another Hydroponics Store's website and what do you find? An Online Store! Why is this? Money! Don't get us wrong, we need to make money too or we will not survive. That is why we also offer an Online Store to go along with our extremely successful retail location. What we offer, for free that the others do not, is information. An Online Store is not going to answer your questions about plant diseases and deficiencies, nor will it answer your questions about the little bugs you have on your plants.

This is how we start to earn your business that others simply expect! We provide the information that is important to you and give you the answer you need to know. Hopefully by finding the information you need from us will install the confidence in knowing that we know our business and we will help you succeed when others will strictly sell you some more product! Now that you have found us, let us provide you with the information and products to ensure you success in the world of Hydroponics and Organics.

Our Information

Contacting Us

Goldman's Grow Shop  
910 Greenwood Rd
Glenview, IL 60025

Phone: 847.657.7250 
Web: www.goldmansgrowshopinc.com

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About Us

It is important for you to know that in order for us to succeed you must succeed. Making money is important but it is our goal to provide you with information, great service, friendly and knowledgeable staff and the best products at great prices. This will ensure of you wanting to spend your hard earned money with us... again and again.

More About Us

Need a Helping Hand

Although it may appear that we make growing look like magic, it is simply our years of experience in indoor gardening that keeps us rising to the top. So let us give you a hand regardless of were you got your products from. We simply want a hand in your growing success.

We Can't Make Your Money Grow

We are good at what we do but we have not solved this one yet. What we can do is to make sure you don't waste your money on products you don't need and you get the most out of your harvest for every dollar you invest. Stop in and see how our knowledge calculates into money.